Jesus Ugarte, Counselor 

  • Chair Student Study Team
  • Assist with development of Master Schedule
  • Schedule changes for students
  • Direct Testing; SBAC, ELPAC, SOAR
  • Assist with IEP supervision
  • Coordinate 504 meetings
  • Assist with Behavior Plan monitoring
  • Student interventions
  • Provide supervision during testing
  • Attend Lead Counselor meetings
  • Attend Supplemental Counselor meetings
  • Scholarships/Financial Aid
  • Annual update of UC a-g courses
  • Community College Liaison
  • Career components
  • Supervise Testing Clerk
  • Senior Survey
  • Tracking of returned/graduated students
  • Military liaison
  • Junior interviews
  • Student academic tracking
  • Outside counseling agencies
  • Classroom coverage
  • Assist with schedule distribution/Orientation
  • Assist in monitoring Behavior Plans
  • Selective Service System

Re: Education Code 48911 (h): In the event that there is not an administrator present at the school site, the counselor shall be selected as the “principal’s designee” to assist with disciplinary procedures.