Discipline Policy


Proper behavior and respect for one another are very important to the everyday functioning at Hare Continuation High School. Students are required to follow State, Garden Grove Unified School District, and Hare administrative and faculty rules. A workable discipline policy requires basic guidelines but allows flexibility in application in order to meet individual student/school needs and situations.

As young adults, you are expected to behave and dress appropriately.  If you are inappropriate in any way, there will be consequences.  If you do not maintain appropriate behavior, you may be reassigned to another alternative placement.


  1. Be respectful of staff, students, and the Hare High School campus.  If inappropriate behavior occurs, teacher(s) will utilize progressive discipline steps to address behavior; if this does not work, a referral will be made to the assistant principal.  Consequences will be left to the discretion of the Hare administration.
  2. Classroom disturbance that impacts teacher instruction: Teacher(s) will follow progressive discipline steps to address behavior; if this does not work, the student will be escorted to the TRC (Truancy Reduction Center).  While in the TRC, students will be required to complete class work.  If behavior escalates in the TRC, student will be escorted to the office.  Consequences will be left to the discretion of the Hare administration.  
  3. Fighting/intimidation/harassment will not be tolerated.  Possible consequences are:
    1. Possible suspension (1-5) days, parent contact, parent conference, referral to anger management classes, and possible involvement with GGPD.
  4. Electronic/digital devices are not allowed in the classrooms without teacher permission. If confiscated by Hare staff or personnel the following actions will be taken:
    1. Staff will provide the device to the assistant principal and student may pick it up at the end of the day.
    2. If confiscated a second time, the device will only be returned after the assistant principal holds a parent meeting.  At that time a contract will be signed both by parent and student indicating that if they are caught a third time, the student will lose the device for the remainder of the year. 
  5. Possession or use of tobacco products on the way  to school, at school or on the way home  will result in the following (progressive order):
    1. Parent contact and referral to “ Tobacco Cessation” program or TUPE.
    2. Possible suspension  or  Saturday School 
  6. Drugs/Alcohol/Weapons: Students in possession of any of these items on the way to school, on campus, and/or on the way home from school are subject to:
    1.  Suspension, expulsion, referral to drug and alcohol classes and/or arrest according to education and penal codes. 
    2. Possible referral to District Discipline Committee for recommendation of expulsion
  7. Automobiles/Motorcycles/Bicycles: All students must park in the south student parking lot only. Bicycles, Scooters, etc., must be parked and locked in the designated bike rack area next to the administrative office.
    1. Bicycles or skateboards cannot be ridden on campus or they can be confiscated.
  8. Closed campus: Students are required to remain on campus from the time of arrival until completion of their assigned schedule.
  9. Cheating: Students involved in cheating/plagiarism can expect to receive an “F” or “0” grade on the particular assignment/assessment and a parent conference. In addition, a student may be assigned to Saturday School or suspended, determined by Administration.
  10. Dress Code: Clothing and grooming shall be appropriate and shall be in good taste. Students must dress in a presentable manner that is not distracting or disruptive to others. Use common sense and dress like a young adult. Gang attire will not be permitted. Students who wear inappropriate attire will be required to wear a “loaner” shirt or a parent will be asked to bring in a change of clothes. 

Serious/severe violations of the Education Code may result in a referral to the District Discipline Committee with a recommendation of expulsion from the district.